Respect the boundaries of others the same way you expect them to respect yours. We have have a personal boundary formation that we expect others to conform to and when someone crosses it that brings an invitation for negative energy.


We desire respect from other, in fact we should demand it but it’s not all one-sided because we should give the same respect we request to others. The most solid and loving relationships contain abundant amount of mutual respect. On the other side of the fence, if someone in your life doesn’t show respect you can demand it, if they refuse it might be time for an evaluation of the relationship because you DESERVE respect.


Unbiased Equality

Never judge anyone for who and what they are. Sure this can be a hard one sometimes when you see someone who is clearly doing something you feel is wrong or living life in a way they could be doing better, but don’t forget we are all here for different Lessons so try you best to not judge anyone, even when you don’t understand or like their actions or thoughts. If you have any deep-rooted hidden prejudices against anyone or any group of people lurking in your psyche now is the time to dispel them because there is no room for them in 2019.


If you see someone struggle, help them! If you don’t do anything to help them then you have no right to judge or look down on anyone. Even when you feel it’s a lost cause you can still do something. It’s like that homeless guy who panhandles that you pass each day on your way to work and you don’t want to give him any money because you know he will go buy drugs or alcohol..’s not for you to judge and besides, you never know.. you cannot just assume.. if that is a big concern, make him a sandwich instead of giving him money so you will know at least he ate today.

Give Yourself Fully

If you are committing to an energetic connection with someone, give yourself fully, freely, & exclusively at that time. Make sure that you dedicate that time and energy to them and only them. We all know someone who calls and as soon as you get on the phone they turn around and start talking to someone in their presence and you wonder why did you even call me?? yeah.. don’t be that person. When you give someone your time, give it to them fully.

Also, if you are conversating in a group of people, pay attention to everyone, especially the “quiet one“. Odds are someone in the group may have something to say and they get “over-talked” by the group so they sit quietly and listen. If there is a quiet person within your group, see if they have something to say because sometimes they have the best answers but they get overlooked in the crowd because they don’t speak up for themselves.

Encourage Personal Growth

Encourage everyone you encounter to be their best and to do the right thing. Let them know you have confidence in them and think they can do anything they set their mind to. Don’t dwell on past mistakes or expect the worst out of anyone, including yourself. If you see someone making a mistake encourage them to do better. Encourage people to do things they think they can’t and they will always remember you.

Give Credit Where It’s Due


Anytime you see someone who has accomplished something, no matter how big or small, let them know you notice it! It feels so good when others notice and compliment your efforts so try to be the one who gives praise, it will becherished and remembered I promise.

Random acts of kindness

This is a big one and people are really catching on. in 2018 I went to fast food restaurants around 15 times and 3 of those times the person ahead of me paid for my order, that’s damn good odds! Kindness is really becoming popular. When you get gas, give a few bucks to chip in on the next persons gas, pay for someone’s dinner, order a pizza for a stranger… the sky is the limit! Get creative and see how many ways you can help someone.

Keep Your Space Clean

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. You’ve heard that one before no doubt but do you get the real meaning? You feel so much better in a clean environment free of clutter and unwanted items. It’s less restrictive, less depressing. and makes you feel more energetic and productive to be in a clean environment. Give away what you don’t want or need to someone who would value and appreciate it. Homeless shelters are a great place to donate. Also, keeping your environment clean also includes the Earth. Get the kids together and take a walk down the road and pick up trash. You will feel so much pride at what you are doing and you will teach the kids a valuable lesson.


When you appreciate what you have you are wealthy in every possible way. Don’t take anything for granted because you never know when you might lose it. This includes Loved Ones, Material Possessions, and Beliefs. Life itself should always be appreciated no matter how hard it can be sometimes.


Try to follow this guideline of 10 simple acts of kindness and you will be a much better person and as a reward you will also be much happier. Life is hard for all of us.. rich, poor, tall, short, heavy, thin, healthy, disabled, hardworking, lazy.. it doesn’t matter.. we all have our problems and issues and we all need a kind word now and then. Strive to be that person who can always make someone else feel better and you will be rewarded tenfold.




Tree Healing


Give it a try today!

Have you ever heard of anyone doing a healing with a Tree?

Seriously, it’s a timeless healing practice that people have used for as far as history goes. It’s long been known yet largely forgotten that the cure to what ails us lies within nature and only recent generations have had access to manufactured drugs.

Tree healing is a pleasant mutual experience for you and the Tree that you choose to heal you. Both you and the tree will receive healing Light in the process.

Pick a big beautiful tall tree and sit against it or stand and lean your back to it and if you like, you really can hug the tree and place your forehead to the trunk.

Close your eyes and visualize the light coming down from the sky and shining on the tree. Visualize the tree absorbing the Healing Light and the light traveling downward to the roots. Visualize yourself absorbing some of this light. If you know Rieki you can use it or just use a general Light-Based Healing Method. Don’t forget to give a healing to any birds or other critters who might be living in or near your tree.




Energy Vampires

Yep, there are more than 1 kind and they are everywhere, and you are no doubt one of them to some degree.

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Nobody wants to be around them and nobody wants to be one, but you have to be aware of what they are so you can avoid them and avoid being one. I have created a pretty comprehensive list of Energy Vampire types and signs, look this over and see what qualities you recognize in those around you and in yourself. I think we all have tendencies to fall into any of these categories at times but if you recognize it and remain aware of it you can avoid it.

Energy Vampire Types

The Victim

The Innocent

The Dominator

The Narcissist 

The Melodramatic

The Judgmental

Now, look through the next section to see if any of these relate to you and the people in your life.


The Victim-

  • They thrive on making others feel guilty

  • They cannot accept blame

  • They are never at fault because someone else is always the real problem

They feed on love, acceptance, support, & pity

The Innocent-

  • These vampires really are innocent and can’t help it. They don’t mean harm but it can’t be avoided.

  • They rely on you to meet their every need

  • They are often Children, Sick, Elderly, have Chronic Conditions, Mentally ill..

  • They sometimes take advantage without meaning to

This might sound cold but in cases where someone starts to rely on you too much you can prevent them from draining you by:

Avoiding eye contact, limiting time with them, don’t argue with them, you ask for assistance from another person (an example would be if the vampire is a sick child who is being extra clingy you can call in the other parent to take a turn), visualize a shield around yourself.

Be careful when it comes to these kind of Vampires because they really do need an count on you and you often can’t just walk away, but you can protect yourself without being cold-hearted.

The Dominator

  • These people are Alpha Types

  • They are insecure

  • They are often arrogant

  • They belittle or look down on others who they see as “beneath them”

  • The are terrified of being dominated

  • Often have “overbearing” personalities

Don’t look them in the eye, don’t argue with them, don’t give them opinions, and talk as little as possible. They will try to bait you and while it’s sometimes frustrating to do, ignore it. They can’t drain your energy if you don’t give them any. Of course, avoiding them is the only way to stop them but when you do have contact and they start this behavior you can fight back in a more productive way. Humor, silliness, & positivity will drive them up a wall and they will get mad and retreat. When you don’t give them the authority they need they will get away from you fast as they can because once they see that they cannot dominate you they will have no use for you. Do not let them anger you and do not let them feel they are in control of you.


The Narcissist

  • The need to always be “first”, “right”, “most important”, “special”

  • They have an overbearing presence

  • Sometimes abusive

  • They need their Ego fed

  • They get hurt easily

  • They feel they are far more superior than others

  • Argumentative

  • They are usually “big mean babies”

  • They can be very charming until they have you hooked. Then they will dominate and control you, sometimes with mental or physical cruelty.

We all know about Narcissists yet so many people fall victim to them because they can be very charming on the outside. Many abusive Narcissists appear like the perfect spouse or friend to outsiders but can be a very different person behind closed doors and they are very controlling and can be hard to get away from. Because they are so good at hiding themselves for who they really are, they can usually find victims quite easily so anyone who falls prey to one should never blame themselves because they are usually damn good at hiding who they really are. To protect yourself, don’t give them praise, loyalty, or feed their Ego. Avoid contact as much as possible and when they start demanding the special attention they require do not give it to them. Withholding love often hurts them terribly.

The Melodramatic

  • They love Drama

  • They create drama if they can’t find it

  • They feel extremely important

  • They LOVE being a Victim

  • They avoid serious issues and will create diversion if necessary to avoid it.

  • They are often nervous and afraid of getting caught having to admit anything.

  • They lie a lot and they often believe their own lies after some time.

Don’t get caught up in their drama and gossip. They will always drag you down and it really is true that those who gossip with you will gossip about you. When you tell them point blank that you don’t want to be involved they often act hurt and don’t know how to react because they don’t know any other way to “be’ because without the drama they are nothing. Avoid listening, reacting or responding when the drama starts often solves the problem. If they decide to target you confrontation is what they fear most and they will crawl into their hole rather than face you. Don’t give them anything to use against you because they will use it without hesitation.

The Judgmental

  • They pick on people

  • High self worth

  • They look for anything you might be insecure about to use against you.

  • Arrogant to those beneath them

  • They will often exclude groups of people

  • Don’t like those who are not in their self-defined group

  • May be racist, sexist, homophobic..

They are always on the lookout for something to not like about you and to use against you but they can sometimes be quite subtle about it. They sometimes use quick-witted sarcastic humor against you, and will put you down to your face, in the form of a “joke” and if this “joke” offends you, they will put you down for that too. Avoid them of course but to run them off just mimic their actions and don’t let them get the upper hand by seeing that they have offended you because that is exactly what they want.

One fact to remember

Anyone can be a Psychic Vampire and that includes you, your partner, and even your kids. When you are with the people closest to you, you are in greater danger of an attack than in public with a stranger because people are much more likely to have a negative energy exchange with those closest to them.

No stranger can hurt your feelings more than someone you love, right? 

Same rules apply so be very careful when dealing with emotional conversations with your Loved Ones. It wasn’t all that long ago that I had a huge argument with SO that got very hateful and nasty. I lost my psychic abilities all together for weeks after that exchange and as a professional Medium that was not a pleasant experience so if you are having trouble with your abilities, be watchful of your environment.


Karmic Relationships

There are 4 primary relationship types, Soul mates, Twin Flames, False Twin Flames, and Karmic Relationships.

Karmic Relationships are very similar to False Twin Flames relationships but there is a major difference, False Twin Flames are here to prepare you for the real deal and give your soul that warm up so that in this or another lifetime, your soul will have experience with this challenging partnership. Karmic Relationships are formed so that you can learn a lesson that you did not learn in the past.

We will have these relationships in our lives, sometimes multiple times before a Soulmate or Twin Flame comes along but the problem is when you cling to the relationship instead of end it or don’t learn from the mistakes made within the relationship.

Once you learn the lesson of the Karmic or FTF relationship you are meant to leave it. Real simple. But many times people mistake it for another type of relationship or refuse to accept that the lesson has been learned so instead they sit and spin their wheels with someone who is just wasting your time and you benefit nothing from the experience.

If you are wondering if any of your relationships fall into this category there is a really simple and easy way to tell, If you think it might be, it is.

Your Intuition will let you know anything you need to know if you listen to it. If you are reading this right now there is a good chance you might want to take a look at any of the suffering relationships in your life whether they be romantic or not and evaluate whether it might be time to move on.

Some relationships aren’t meant to walk away from entirely, Family Members or others you couldn’t easily avoid such as Co-Workers can also fall into this category.  Sometimes you can’t just quit your job or disown a parent or sibling without good cause but you can find ways to limit contact and mentally accept what is meant to be and mentally move on.

Intuition and good judgement will help you figure this out!





How To Recognize Your Soul Family


Soul Family Facts

You can locate your Soulmates & Twin Flame..

First you need to understand that you will have multiple Soulmates throughout life sometimes and they can be friends, lovers, children, parents, or pretty much anyone. It is not always a romantic situation. You will only have one twin flame though and when you find that Twin Flame you will know it!

You are from a group that is commonly known as a Soul Family or Soul Group and in one way or another you will meet the rest of your family throughout life. Sometimes you will form long lasting relationships and sometimes it will just be a quick meeting or it can even be someone you see somewhere yet never get to speak to, yet you have these strong feelings for them that you just can’t explain. It all depends on what you put into place before you incarnated.

Your Soul Family are people you can meet or become aware of anywhere. Ever get an unexplained attachment to someone on TV or the Radio? It’s possible they can be a member of your Soul Family. You won’t necessarily meet all of them, you might just become aware of them. You will know for sure by learning how to spot the signs of a Soul Family Member.

Here are a few of the signs that you have encountered someone from your Soul Group


How to recognize your Soulmate or someone from your Soul Family

  • You feel no tension or discomfort talking to them. You feel no worries of offending or saying the wrong thing. You can totally be yourself and not worry about judgement.

  • You can feel a strong love, even if it is not romantic. Remember that not all Soulmates are romantic.

  • You know that you were meant to meet and be a part of this person’s life.

  • You feel ready to meet them and give up current non satisfactory relationships to go find this person if necessary. This is something deep within your soul that tells you it is time.

  • There is total acceptance of each other, flaws and all and no judgement.

  • Their energy is often like a buzz for you. Being around them just makes you feel good and energized. No matter what kind of day you are having they can make it better.

  • You will feel their energy and know it is compatible with yours

  • You will instantly hit it off. There is no taking time to get to know each other.

  • You compliment each others strengths & weaknesses because you are meant to help and compliment each other.

  • Talking with them never wears out and you cannot talk too much. Not talking to them for a while feels wrong.

  • Feeling strong love quickly that makes no sense to you how it happens so fast.

  • You can not speak or see each other for years and still be close as ever.