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Sanctuary of the Ascended Soul- Online Education Center

We offer the following Programs at this time:

  • Ordination Training- Learn how to become a Minister or preform Marriage Ceremonies with your Ordination. This is a simple one class training that puts you on our Recommended Ministries List. This is not required to get your Free Ordination but highly encouraged so you can get our secret tips and get a more advanced start to your new career.


  • Spiritual Life Coaching Training Certification- As you know, you don’t need to be certified to become a Life Coach but when you certify with a reputable company there are many benefits. We will spotlight you on our Recommend Coaches page and promote you on our Social Media Pages, and give you some very valuable information in the training. The competition is everywhere and you need every advantage you can get as you grow your business.


    Pastoral Counselor- This is HUGE for the Life Coaches and Ministers to be able to offer. As you know, Life Coaches are NOT Counselors and Coaches are not legally allowed to offer advice but with the Pastoral Counselor Certification you have extra legal cushioning and added experience with Relationship or Spiritual Coaching. You will also legally be able to do Pre-Marital Counseling!

    Must become Ordained & Purchase Ordination Certificate to receive your Pastoral Counselor Certificate

    Package: Ordination+Spiritual Life Coach Training+Pastoral Counselor $299.00 (Save $105 in Certificate Fees)

  • Ordination Training