Mentor Program


Mentor Program

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Mentor Program

This is a Life Coaching program for a choice between or a combination of several areas of Life. All Mentor Packages are custom to YOU, the Client based on the Evaluation Call to determine your specific needs. This is not a standard “Carbon Copy” package and no two packages are alike. I only accept 5 Clients per month due to the unique and personalized service I offer my Clients.

I offer the following types of Coaching:

  • Psychic Development

  • Spiritual Life

  • DV or Grief Recovery

  • Relationship

This package is for one month (30 days). If you would like to continue after your month has expired you will be responsible for immediate payment before you can continue. Current Clients have priority to book a spot for the month over new Clients. Once the monthly allotment has been filled, the system will not allow you to purchase a spot so renew your package early or contact me for arrangements.

Other options may be available. If you have a unique type of Coaching you would like to inquire about that is not listed above, please book a Coaching Call prior to your purchase to determine if I am your best candidate for your needs.

Membership in Basic Program Required

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I will contact you at the email you provide within 24 hours of purchase. Please be sure to choose a time & date for your 1 hour Evaluation Session that is between 12 noon- 12 midnight ET. As a Mentorship Client you have access to special privileges which will be explained to you at the time of your call. If I am already booked at that time I will contact you to reschedule. Your actual Paid time starts after your Evaluation Call.