Abundance Manifestation- The Complete Toolkit to Attract Abundance

So You Want Some Abundance?

Nothing wrong with that, we could all use a good dose of Abundance in our lives and it easy to make it happen as long as you know the right information about how to make it happen. Here are two very effective methods that are extremely powerful when you combine them.


The first thing you will need to do is figure out exactly and specifically what you want. When you are asking The Universe (Source, God, Angels, The Divine, etc..) for something you have to be very specific or you might not end up with anything. That’s just the way it works so to help yourself out, it’s best to write a Contract.

Your Contract

When you write out your Contract (I am giving you a printable contract template to use) you need to mentally put as much energy into creating it as if this were a solid iron clad contract with your Creator- because it is!

Visualize that whoever you feel will assist you is sitting right in front of you and talking over the terms and finalizing the deal. I also recommend asking if there is anything specific you need to be doing to ensure this goes smoothly.

Now this is where a lot of people get lost, you don’t usually get something for nothing in this deal so you are going to have to do your part too. It’s only fair ;)

You will need to make an offering of exchange so that you are deserving of your Abundance.

Let’s say you are asking for $1,000 that you need to fix your car. Maybe you could offer to use your fixed car to take a load of donated items to the homeless when it’s fixed, and in the meantime you can offer to take food to a homeless shelter once a week.

This is very flexible, but the point is, you will have to do your part and provide Abundance to someone else before it can be provided to you. There is no getting around that and it must be done with love and positive energy behind it. If you are begrudging what you are offering, you are contaminating the energy involved and wasting your time.

Also, you have to do something to work towards your goal, possibly put something up for sale, take on a side job, or do something that creates a flow for the Abundance to arrive. Your $1,000 needs a pathway to reach you because it really can’t just fall out of the sky and the odds of a mystery check being in the mail is very slim. Sorry! It does happen but not very often.

When I first started studying Abundance Manifestation I was financially hit at the time. I tried the Abundance Block Clearing and also wrote my Contract then sat down to wait for it to come. The very next day a man stopped and asked to buy my Antique Pepsi Machine that was sitting on my porch because I had just got it and I was waiting for someone to bring it inside for me and I declined to sell it because I had wanted it for a long time and had just gotten it. A short while later my neighbor, whom I had never met before came over and offered to buy my truck ( it was not for sale either) and again I declined.. I love my pretty blue Ram lol.. After that was all over, I realized I had just sent my Abundance away..I was asking for $1,000 in my contract and I had just turned away $3,000 total. Abundance can come to you in many ways so be watchful of how your Abundance may reach you. I was unwilling to sacrifice my stuff for it so I broke my contract, even after the second chance. You must be prepared for a sacrifice of some kind to create your abundance. When your time comes, trust that your sacrifice is for good cause and don’t hesitate, keep the Energy purely positive.

Now, once you have signed your Contract, and you and your “Partner” have agreed to the terms, you need to visualize watching them agree to the terms and leave the table. Make this as real of a business meeting as you can. This is a very serious part of the deal so don’t feel silly and don’t skip this visualization because you need it to do this the right way.

Now that the Meeting is over you have options on what to do with your Contract.

  • Burn it

  • Put it in an Envelope and put it away

  • Create an Abundance Box and put the contract in your box

Now you will need to set an intention.

I am Here.. In the Present and Now..

I am pure Energy seeking to attract pure Energy..

I am worthy of attracting Abundance into my life

I will use my Abundance for the good of Myself and Others

I hereby set the Intention to Manifest ________

I will do _______ to create my abundance and manifest my ______

I welcome this Abundance into my life and offer Gratitude & Appreciation

I have decided that it is so, and that it IS.

You will need to remember something very important though, if you don’t hold up to your end of the Contract, you Null & Void it, so when deciding what you are offering, make sure it’s something you are capable of doing.

Now, with all that said and done, we can create a little extra energy to help things go smoothly along the way.

The Abundance Block Clearing

I highly recommend that you watch this video and participate in the Clearing and learn how to do this yourself. I do these Clearings for myself and some Clients and as long as you do as you are instructed to, it works. Last year I had a Client that came into a very large amount of money within a week of her treatment and she was squealing and laughing so hard when she called to tell me, it scared me half to death! lol.. I thought someone was being killed the way she was making noise.

I highly recommend watching the entire video because it explains so much but if time is an issue you can skip ahead to 52:00 minutes to watch the clearing.