20 Things That affect Our Vibration

Let’s face it, it can be hard to keep your Vibes High..


Okay so, it’s hard to be Vibrationally Optimal at all times. in our current lifetime. This world is stressful and harsh so it can be a real challenge to raise your Vibration and keep it raised sometimes, This is why you are at your Vibrational best when you are sleeping peacefully. During waking hours it can be quite a challenge if you are out among society and everyday challenges.

So what can you do to help yourself keep your Vibes going strong? Here is a list of ways you can help keep your Vibrational Frequency high and below you will find a list of things to avoid.

Ways To Raise Your Frequencies..

  1. Be Childish- Children have the highest Vibrational Frequencies of any group of Humans. Of course as an adult you can’t always sit and play with legos and watch SpongeBob all day but you can make time to spend some quality time playing with the kids on their level, or if you don’t have any small children in your life there are many ways you can behave like a child. Get a coloring book, watch some cartoons, buy some dolls and remember how to use your imagination. It might sound silly but it works… try it and see for yourself.

  2. Watch Your Demeanor- Are you aggressive, cranky, unforgiving, etc.. practice happiness, bliss, and contentment. Being cranky gets you nowhere and if you present yourself as aggressive you can count on your Frequencies being low.

  3. Avoid Addiction- This one is hard for many people who are already addicted to something but it’s not impossible. As someone who took strong pain pills for over 8 years for a chronic health condition then suddenly lost my prescription with no warning because of the regulations caused by the opiod epidemic, I know first hand how hard it is to control addiction but there are ways to help yourself get better. You just have to want it bad enough and give yourself permission to take it one step at a time. Needless to say, if you are not already addicted to anything don’t start any new habits.

  4. Avoid GMO foods- Now, this is one I have to agree with that Conspiracy Theorists on. I find it very strange that the Government put bazillions of $$ into creating Genetically Modified Foods then started selling them at a much cheaper cost than the natural original products. GMO’s keep our Frequencies lowered and they are believed to cause man health problems including Cancer. Do the research yourself and see for yourself.. it’s downright scary.

  5. Charity- Give without any expectations. You don’t need gratitude or witnesses to feel good about giving. People have become leery to give because of the high level of “scammers” out there today so always do your research before giving to a charity. You can do something as simple as pay for someone’s order, buy a lunch for a homeless person, use your imagination and see how many ways you can give. It doesn’t matter of you are rewarded or not.. what matters is the energy behind the action.

  6. Don’t Mistreat People or Animals- Doing either of these will drop your frequencies like a hot potato. Treat them with kindness and your frequencies will soar. When you mistreat another Living Being in any way, shape, or form, you drop to the bottom of the Vibrational Charts. Making amends for past mistreatment out of pure love will raise your frequencies.

  7. Electronics- Your Phone, Tablet, Ipad, PC, Television, Video Games etc..all lower your frequencies for two different reasons. First would be the EMF’s they produce are harmful to your energetic frequencies and are known to be harmful to use. Second would be the content they display. There is so much violence, hatred, drama, anger, etc.. and these energies spill right into your own energetic field. I strongly feel that this is the reason kids are becoming more violent in the newer generations. Not because they are mimicking violence, but because they are overloaded on Negative Energy caused by absorbing it from the electronics and they just can’t handle it. Kids aren’t designed to hold so much negativity.. childhood is supposed to be fun & happy. If your family is heavily into Electronics, start collecting Orgone Pyramids for your protection. They come in all varieties & prices. I can’t recommend them enough.

  8. Don’t go against your Beliefs & Values- Staying true to yourself and not giving into outside pressure to do, say, or think things you don’t believe in will increase your vibrational frequencies every time.

  9. Love, Respect, Admiration, Forgiveness, Empathy, etc..- Practice living with as many of the positive traits as you can. Anytime you actively put off positive energy you are raising your vibrational levels.

  10. End bad Relationships- Don’t stay in any relationship that doesn’t serve you. It doesn’t even have to be a Romantic Relationship for you to need to put an end to it. Toxic friendships, bitter family members, coworkers who are jerks, jobs that require dealing with cranky customers & clients are bad for you vibrationally too. Understand that you do not have to tolerate abusive behavior from anyone.

  11. Spend Time With Mother Nature- Get dirty in the mud, climb a tree, tend the garden, and of course my favorite- go Rock Hunting in creeks! Any outside activity will raise your frequencies high and fast. Try having lunch or dinner outside or play in the rain.

  12. Don’t Cuss- I admit I’m bad about this one and every day is a challenge lol.. but even if you are a complete potty mouth you can change your ways if you keep trying. Words have a very powerful effect on us and those around us so keep trying to watch your mouth because even if words are not said in anger there is still a negative energy behind them.

  13. Fear- Fear is also a frequency dropping energy. Abusive environments are always low vibrational energy environments and people being victimized are being victimized in more ways than one because you simply can’t be your vibrational best in a fearful environment.

  14. Mindless Activities- You are simply wasting time and not doing anything productive. This might be sitting on the phone searching videos or spacing out watching a show on TV that isn’t even interesting.Get up and do something productive!

  15. Live in The Present- What good does it really do to sit and think about bad stuff from the past? Forgive and Forget already! Keep the lessons learned but don’t dwell on anything you can’t do anything about. If you feel yourself slipping into a bad mood because you are reminded of something bad from the past just acknowledge it and let it go. Practicing just letting it go will raise your frequencies.

  16. Don’t Mistreat Yourself- I’ve always liked the saying that we should always treat yourself with as much kindness and respect as you would treat your Best Friend. Beating yourself up is pointless, instead try to use objective non- confrontational methods of self-criticism to understand why you did what you did. Figure it out, forgive the mistake, Give yourself credit for being kinder to yourself and move on.

  17. Judging Others- We are all here for a different lesson, each equally important so never judge another for their differences from yours. It’s important to practice diversity to keep your vibrations high.

  18. Alcohol- Alcohol of any kind, addicted or not will lower your Vibrations. Keep your alcoholic beverage consumption to a minimum or avoid it all together. While addiction itself lowers Vibrational Frequencies, you also have to be careful with anything that can be addictive even if you do not have an addiction problem. This includes, drugs, foods, caffeine, Nicotine, etc…

  19. Negativity- of course you know this right? Be mindful of your environment as well. Any type of Negativity will lower your vibes including being present to another person’s drama and arguing. I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it a million more.. limit Social Media and the Negativity that comes with it. Personally I avoid it unless I have to log in for business reasons.

  20. Avoid Being Someone You Aren’t.- So many people are fake and it always shows. Being fake and living a lie leaves it impossible for you to raise your vibes. If you don’t think people will like the real you then you might need to make some changes in your life.


Most importantly Don’t Forget To Laugh, Laughing Will Always Raise You To An Optimal Vibrational Frequency.

Social time with Friends is also a great way to give yourself a Vibrational Boost. It’s just as important as your Alone Time.

Stress & Negativity are the most harmful energies around for your Vibrational Frequencies. If you are stressed out or in a bad mood find ways to lesson the Negativity and convert it to something positive,