Critical Care Kit For Empaths- Free Sample Coaching Lesson


Empaths Require Extra Special Love & Care

The average Empath takes on a lot in their lives and recovery from stressful or highly energetic situations and environments can make all the difference in how an Emapth feels about life in general.

There are some very specific ways that an Empath can find relief from the harshness of the world. This is a “Kit” of crucial must have’s for the Empath.

  1. Sea Salt- Specifically Himalayan Sea Salts. Bathe in it, get yourself a Salt Lamp, sprinkle some around the house, and of course eat it on your food. Sea salt not only contains 82 minerals to keep you healthy, but it also absorbs Negative Energy. I keep a container of Sea Salt on my desk and buy bags of fine grade sea salt and sprinkle it on the carpet. It gives off a really nice energy and absorbs lingering energies after arguments and other negative situations.

  2. Crystals- This one is another essential. If you don’t have a collection of Crystals, what on Earth are you waiting for? It’s been proven time & time again that Crystals can help us in many ways. I like to keep a candy dish of random Crystals on a bowl on my desk as well and when things get stressful I just grab a handful of the mix.

  3. Moon Water- Get a clear glass container and collect some Rain Water. Put your Crystals in the container of water and set it outside overnight on the Full Moon. Remove your Crystals and use the water in different ways such as adding some Essential Oils and creating a Room Freshener Spray or add some to your baths for an amazing recharge. I like to rub this water on my forehead before bed to experience vivid Astral dreams.

  4. Orgone Pyramid- If you don’t have one I implore you to get one. Even the smallest & cheapest Pyramids are quite powerful and many people have learned to make their own. I love mine and will never be without one again.

  5. Essential Oils- Choose scents that feel calming to you and don’t be afraid to mix it up to suit yourself. I have two favorite blends, Lemongrass & Frankincense with a hint of Lavender, and I also Love an Orange, Lime, Cinnamon mix.. I buy those little Nasal Inhalers “snifffers” that have an absorbent stick inside and I add my mixtures to them and keep them with me at all times. They are great to have in your purse while you are in stressful places such as busy stores or you ca use them to scent your home & car.

  6. Dirt- Yep, just pure original dirt straight from the Earth. Find a location that has a really good energy such as a Forrest or a Park and dig up a cup of dirt. Adding some rocks is even better. When you get stressed out rub some on your hands or feet. For an added bonus you can mix in a little Moon Water & Sea Salt to make a foot scrub.

  7. Candles- A good scented candle is nice to watch. Concentrate on the flame and the scent to relax. Gazing at a candle flame is also good for Pineal Gland Activation.

Other Helpful Methods


You can also use other methods or techniques to help ease your stress. Here are some of the top ways Empaths can help themselves.

  • Ground Yourself, There is a wide range of ways to do this.

  • Find a favorite Meditation, I recommend giving Binural Beats a try as well.

  • Be within Nature or hug a tree.

  • Spend time with an animal

  • Eat pure chocolate

  • This one might get me in trouble with some of you but I will stand by it fiercely, THC is wonderful for an Empath.

  • Music, but pay attention to what you listen to because some types of music can be stressful. Songs are filled with emotion so try and choose happy music. The performers will often fill their music with real emotion because that produces the best songs but at the same time, an Emapth will absorb that emotion.

  • Avoid Alcohol or excessive Caffeine

  • Avoid GMO based foods. You would be seriously surprised at the difference it makes with your moods.

  • If you start feeling agitated while on Social Media, Log off!! Social Media is full of Negativity. Personally, I know we ll have bad days, but if someone on my account does nothing but spread Negativity or drama, I delete them. It’s not worth absorbing.

Anything you can add to this list? Hit the comments if you know of any other tips for Empaths, or if you have a good method that works for you I’d love to hear about it.



Free Coaching Lesson Sampler:

Empath Stress Critical Care Reduction

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