6 Reasons Why Karma is Your Friend + Coaching Worksheet- Clearing Lesson

Okay so here’s another little lesson I’m bringing out of retirement to share with anyone who needs a lesson in Karmic Benefits.

You can’t Hide From Karma Rewards- Good or Bad you will face your Karma…

You can’t Hide From Karma Rewards- Good or Bad you will face your Karma…

You can’t hide from Karma but don’t worry, it’s not to be feared…

You can call Lady Karma a Bitch all you want but she’s still looking out for your greater good. It doesn’t seem like it takes Karma more than 5 seconds to find me on any given day and honestly I’m thankful for that because even though it might not feel the greatest sometimes to have Karma breathing down your neck, you reap what you sow right?

It’s so interesting to listen to people complain about Karma sometimes, I’m speaking of the people who never seem to enjoy any good Karma. Think about that one, if Karma seems to be your enemy you might want to look at what you’ve been doing because Karma rewards just as easily as it punishes but people often either don’t notice good Karma or they aren’t earning it.

So here are the basic Facts About Karma..

  • Karma is not punishment, it’s a balancing system. Karma is a Law of Life that is in place to show you when you are off track and not doing what you are supposed to be doing or that you are on track and have earned a reward for doing the right thing. The Scales of Karma are never unbalanced.

  • Nothing is too large or too small for the Universe to notice your actions. The consequences and the aftereffects of them are also noticed and Karma helps you see the long term effects and ripple effects of your actions. It can be a wake up call or a thank you.

  • The Same Karma follows you through all your lifetimes. You might be a good person this time but what were you last time? Karma never forgets eve if you do. To keep things balanced Karma keeps track of your soul and you don’t get a fresh start each lifetime but there is something you can do.. Look below for the Free Meditation.

  • Karma is so powerful that even thoughts can have consequences. If you keep your thoughts in good Karmic balance you will see a big difference. For example if you do good things but do them for the wrong reasons or secretly begrudge what you do, Karma knows.

  • Karma that seems to be unnecessarily rough or unbalanced could possibly be preparing you for the next lifetime. It’s like this, you might not remember past lives the traditional way of remembering but the Soul never forgets. Your next lifetime is already planned and you may be getting “toughened up” for it this time so it won’t be as hard on you the next time. A good example of this is False Twin Flames, They always come before the real deal and not always in the same lifetime. If you have a FTF this time, you can count on the real deal to be in the next lifetime or two..

  • Karma is a Teacher. It teaches you that there is always a better choice and when you make the better choice you will be rewarded, just like any good student. But if you don’t, you still have something to learn and sometimes the smallest lessons are the most powerful. How many times have you decided to do the right thing because you feared Karma? If you have done this throughout life you are on the right track to achieving Karmic Balance.

**Keep in mind that I was feeling under the weather when these recordings were made and they are unedited and not high quality audio recordings but they offer a simple walk through and explanation of the lesson**