Am I Really A Healer?


Healing Hands are one of the most powerful abilities one can posses.

All of us have the ability to Heal ourselves and others with the help of Source and our own bodies. We can heal ourselves and others and it’s more real than many people realize.

I have a Client who is curious about Energy Healing and we have been talking about this for about a week so I figure it’s time to post on the subject again. She, like many other people, was under the misconception that you have to have some serious Psychic Abilities to be a Healer but that is just a myth. Anyone, anywhere, of any faith or religion can be a Healer, Awakened/Psychic or not.

Use the following Guideline to determine if you are a natural Healer or need to develop your Healing abilities. Listen to the above audio to test your level of Energy Awareness right now.

The Signs of being a Natural Born Healer

  • You have experienced Depression at some point in your life, especially a Spiritual Depression.

  • You can feel Energy from other people and Negative Energy hits you hard when you are exposed to it.

  • You are Highly Sensitive (or HSP) and tend to become overly emotional.

  • You are the Go-To person in your group of friends when someone needs emotional support.

  • You are a natural Mediator when exposed to conflict.

  • You have experienced a major trauma at some point in life.

  • You love your Crystals and the energy you feel from them in your hands.

  • You tend to have vivid dreams that you are sure are real.

  • You experience Anxiety or Anxiety Attacks.

  • You have a natural need to help people.

  • Large crowds tear you up and you can’t stand being out in society and can’t wait to get home when you do have to venture out.

  • You feel Empathy and feel the emotional/physical pain of others

  • Strangers are attracted to you when they need advice/help/ are just lonely/etc..

  • You feel that you have some sort of special purpose but just can’t figure out exactly what it is.

If this list is at least 50% accurate for you it’s very likely that you are a Natural Healer.