The Truth About Spirit Communication

People who have never practiced Mediumship will probably have all kinds of misconceptions about what happens when we visit with Spirits and how we feel their presence. Thanks to the Movies there is a lot of false beliefs about how it all works. For example. people think they have to have an open Third Eye to visit with Loved Ones who have passed on or they might think it’s scary to see or hear Spirits & Ghosts, which, actually Ghosts can scare the crap out of you but it doesn’t happen as often as you might think.


What people often fail to understand is that all of us, and I mean all of us get these visits every day worldwide from Loved Ones and random strange Spirit alike and yes, sometimes it’s even a Ghost aka Earthbound Spirit..

So How can you tell? It’s really not hard at all to figure out if you have spirits around, all you need to do is pay attention and you can “Calibrate” your senses to learn how to recognize them really easily, even if your Pineal Gland is far from open.

First thing you can do is to invite a deceased Loved One or a Member of your Spirit Team to visit you.

When they arrive you might sense one or all of the following:

Sudden Coldness or Chills

Sudden Warmth


Your Heart Might Race

Your Muscles Might Twitch

You Get Sleepy

Your Pineal Gland ( or another Chakra might itch or “pop”

You might feel like someone is there

You might get a clue who it is..- for example- it’s uncle Don- Don died of a heart attack so you might get chest pains. If it’s aunt Trudy and she drown, your lungs may hurt or you might get short of breath. If Grandpa died of stomach cancer you might get a belly ache..

You might smell something that you can’t explain

They suddenly pop into your head

Seeing Shadows or flashes of light in the corner of your eyes.

Some people hear talking or popping or cracking sounds

You can sometimes get a strange taste in your mouth.

And also, there is a lot of other things you might do that are specific to you. Me for example, I am Physically Clairaudient and when Spirit is near and wants to talk, my Throat Chakra opens up and my Sinus Cavities start popping and shifting or my forehead or the top of my head might tingle. Sometimes I will get real sleepy very suddenly and relax enough for my physical abilities to kick in. I can only physically hear Spirits in a super relaxed state so my body somehow just knows to get sleepy when my throat chakra opens up.

So it isn’t always like watching a regular living person walk into the door. Mediums rely heavily on Intuition and other senses or how they physically feel. It’s trial and error when you are learning but everyone has their own sense of how it feels to be in close contact with Spirit.

Test it

I am one to experiment every chance I get and my curiosity got the better of me when I was looking at Apps in Playstore. I downloaded some “Spirit Communication Tools including an EMF -Voice Box, and Radiation Sensor and I few others. I got free and paid versions and I was shocked by the results with one FREE app in particular. I invited Spirits and this one particular app made an alarm sound every time I felt presence.. I was stunned that it appeared to really work on some level… I didn’t pay much attention to the word box, but it was pretty accurate to let me know someone was around.

No Third Eye Required

You don’t need an open or activated Pineal Gland to know that Spirit is around, just pay attention to how you feel and its likely you will know when you get a visit. I was doing a Reading a while back and I developed this insane itch on my back. It turned out that the spirit I was communicating with had died due to a gunshot wound to the back. This same Spirit gave me an intense craving for Brownies, and his nickname was Brownie.. They can be quite creative lol..

Just like everything else, if you ignore the signs you will never recognize when make contact, but knowing and watching for the signs will strengthens your abilities