Processed Foods Can Harm Your Psychic Abilities

Eat healthier foods and feel the difference in your Mind , Body, & Spirit.

Eat healthier foods and feel the difference in your Mind , Body, & Spirit.

I never seem to run short on Signs from my Spirit Team and today was no exception.

I was researching an article I was writing for another website about the effects of Processed Foods has on your Psychic Abilities and I got a sudden craving for Coffee so I mosey out to the kitchen and there on the TV, is a story about the effects of Processed Foods on an episode of Doctors, which I never watch but someone left the tv on.

Anyway, so that's what led me to writing this article and I'm sure that by now you have already figured out that I'm gonna tell you to avoid Processed Foods right? yep.. throw them out in the trash and buy the good stuff that doesn't consist of assholes & lips.

So on top of shutting down psychic abilities and causing your arteries to get clogged they are apparently presenting a whole new problem as well, they are aggravating and perhaps causing Mental Illnesses.

And here's something interesting, Non-GMO fruits and veggies are now being said to not only prevent but cure some forms of mental illness.

Think about it.. The Earth produces everything we need to survive & thrive. 

We've always known that the answers to our health problems can be solved without Modern Medicine but we choose to believe that eating an apple for example won't do any good so we take Dangerous and sometimes Addictive Chemicals.

But as Humans.. we really ain't that smart.. I mean.. even most animals aren't interested in eating lips & assholes when they could be feasting on the ribs. But we choose to eat the nasty cutting to save a few $$. Also, Processed foods tend to cause heartburn and anything that the body isn’t meant to consume naturally is going to have side effects.

It's funny how we choose a few pennies over our own health and eat assholes.. it's every bit as funny that the expensive, scientifically altered GMO foods are cheaper than the natural stuff we've had for all existence. hmm...

So anyway, give all of that a little bit of thought and if you or someone close to you has some form of Mental Illness, pay attention to what happens with eating processed foods. See if it aggravates anything or better yet, avoid the Processed Foods and see if anything gets better!




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