Your Higher Self

Have you ever tried to connect to your Higher Self?

There are several ways to connect to and communicate with your Higher Self. One of the most common ways is through meditation but if you feel like you are already meditating until you are blue in the face there are other options.

  • You can simply start a conversation either telepathically or out loud. Ask that the answers be given to you in a way that you can clearly understand them.

  • Ask your Guides and Angels to help you with communication.

  • Use Tools such as Tarot, Crystal Ball or Pendulum

  • Ask for a meeting in your sleep. Even if you don’t remember the meeting, the answers will subconsciously be there.

  • Some Mediums can connect with the Higher Self of others, you could ask a friend to help you connect if all else fails, but this is very rarely necessary..

  • And of course… meditation.

It’s really quite easy to make this connection, much more so than people think because it’s a connection with the Real You. If you can’t connect with your own Higher Self it is usually just a blockage that prevents it such as doubt or other energetic blockages that can be cleared out usually pretty easily.

If you are just starting out with trying to communicate with your Higher Self, you need to remember a few things.

  • Be Specific in all questions

  • The Higher Self cannot fix your life for you

  • The Higher Self knows you inside & out and knows what is in your heart

  • The Higher Self usually looks different than your current body

  • If you ask for physical signs you will need to be specific on signs and time-frames.

  • Always Thank the Higher Self for listening when you are finished talking.

  • If you ave “meetings” with your Spiritual team, don’t forget to invite the Higher Self.

  • Remember that your Higher self may not be the same sex or species as your current body because you have been different sexes in different incarnations and possibly on different planets.

  • Sometimes when you see the Higher Self there may be a Spirit Animal with him or her.

  • If it seems that you are not having any success making a connection or not getting signs, you can ask the HS to simplify the messages or you can ask for something more specific. If the HS refuses to answer a certain question, you might need to figure it out on your own as part of you Life Pan so the HS can’t tell you.


I started out by asking the HS to meet me in dreams then I moved on to meditation and clairaudience. Do what is comfortable and resonates with you. It takes time sometimes so have patience and hang in there because it takes time to learn how to understand and communicate with higher level beings.

The Higher Self Can Help With:

This is just a sample of the things your Higher Self or HS can help you with

  • Choices

  • Relationships

  • Jobs

  • Spiritual Development

  • Health problems

  • Energetic Blocks

  • Life Path Options

  • Fears & Phobias

  • Abundance Problems

  • Questions & Answers about Past Lives

  • Questions & Answers about Life Missions

  • Questions & Answers about our Souls and other Beings on the Other Side.

Just remember that you cannot expect HS to solve your problem for you or make miracles happen but consulting with HS is very helpful and can give you clarity and insight that you hadn’t thought of before you make the choices that you need to make or get the answers that you want to know.

Give it a try!

Ask your Higher Self to give you some clues about your most recent past life. Be sure to tell HS exactly what kind of clues you would like to receive and in what kind of time-frame you would like those answers.




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