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Here is your Free Printable 20 Day Planner for the Month. Follow the Weekday Suggestions and create your own for the weekend. At the end of the month you will be feeling great and proud of your accomplishments.

This covers 20 days, but you can create your own ideas for the rest of the month and I encourage you to do so. Work on anything you feel could use improvement or spend an extra day on a previously used theme. You have lots of options.

Guide For Your Planner

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  • Day 1- Clean Your Environment- Spend today cleaning up your life literally or figuratively . Whether it’s your work space, home, or even your mind. Today is a great day for getting rid of things or energies that do not serve you!

  • Day 2- Give To Someone In Need- Plan to give to the homeless shelter, send an extra treat along with the kids to share with a friend at lunch, or donate to a charity. Get Creative! Find some way to give something to someone who needs what you do not.

  • Day 3- Spend the Day in Gratitude- Spend this entire day appreciating the things you do not have, We often take for granted the very simple necessities we have, it’s not just the luxuries. I have not had water for a few days due to a massive leak and let me tell you, when you suddenly don’t have something you need you remember to appreciate it.

  • Day 4- Clear Your Negative Energy- You can do this in many different ways. You can Meditate, Ground, Spent the day in Solitude, Soak in a Himalayan Sea Salt Bath, or many other things to do. Find your favorite way to Clear some Negativity today.

  • Day 5- Help a Stranger- This is another one that has many options. Help an older person get their groceries in the car, Help a Neighbor with a project, leave some quarters at the laundry, pay for a random lunch, decorate an abandoned grave, it’s really unlimited as to what you can do.

  • Day 6- Create Something Artistic- Paint, write a Poem or Song, write a blog entry, draw a picture, … you get the idea! Have fun and don’t worry about your talents. In fact, do something you are not very good at and you just might surprise yourself!

  • Day 7- Create A Goal- Today is the perfect day to create a Goal. It doesn’t have to be major and life changing unless you want it to be. Simply create a goal of your choosing and don’t forget to complete it.

  • Day 8.- Eat Pure Foods- Spend today eating something pure and not processed. How about a cleanse filled with Organic Non GMO fruits & veggies. Organic foods can be expensive but if a full days supply of Organic foods isn’t doable, at least get 1 single snack in. An apple or a banana would be a good choice.

  • Day 9.- Kindness To Everyone- No matter what happens today, be kind to everyone you encounter, even if they act like an asshole to you. This totally soothes the Soul and you will feel great.

  • Day 10- No Negative Thoughts- Can you do it? Only the most advanced can master this and I challenge you to see how far you can take it. If you slip up don’t quit! Just sweep it under the rug, forgive your mistake and move on about your Negativity Free Day.

  • Day 11- Surround Yourself With Beautiful Music- Music is a big part of our lives and it can totally shape our day because the theme of music we listen to puts us in a mood. For example if you listen to some headbanging music you are going to likely be jacked-up and angry, if you listen to country songs about divorce you may get depressed. Find a good playlist with all happy songs. Listen to something new or a genre you never choose.. This one is more challenging than you might think!

  • Day 12- Ground Yourself Outside- This one is an easy one. Just spend some time outside today and get some fresh air and make sure to ground and absorb some pure Sunlight into your Chakras. It’s cold outside right now but you will feel so much better!!

  • Day 13- Show Inner Strength- Whether it’s just simply being the bigger person in a disagreement or forgiving a past wrong from this or another life, there are many ways to show inner strength. Sometimes it’s as simple as walking past that plate of brownies and sometimes its as hard as forgiving the unforgivable.

  • Day 14- Heal The Environment- I love this one. Go outside and clean up some trash. Hop in the car with a trash bag and find an old dirt road or walk down your own street and look for litter on the side of the road. If you normally liter every day don’t today.. don’t throw ciggy butts on the ground and don’t throw trash out of your car. You can do what ever you want to help clean the world. Every single bit helps. After you do your part be sure to give a blessing or prayer for Mother Earth or invoke the Violet Flame to help her heal.

  • Day 15- Ask For Forgiveness- You can ask someone you have wronged, ask your Creator for forgiveness, or several other options.Find a way to ask for some type of forgiveness from someone and if they grant it great! if not, forgive yourself and move on.

  • Day 16- Random Acts of Kindness- You can do random acts of kindness for people you know or strangers. It doesn’t matter just as long as you are dropping some kindness around today. It feels extra good to be kind to those you don’t particularly care for.

  • Day 17- Remove Things That Do Not Serve- This looks like the first task but this is different. This day I want you to take a look at your life and see what needs to go. Are you paying for a Gym Membership you don’t use? Are you wasting time with a lost cause? Remove or make the changes you need to make to save time and aggravation from your life.

  • Day 18- Meditation Day- Spend today in peace and Meditate often. Contemplate what your goals are and what you would like to manifest or reflect on changes you have made or need to make. The day is yours to make peace with yourself and your own thoughts. While meditating don’t forget to cleanse your Chakras!

  • Day 19- Learn Something New- Once again the possibilities are endless. This can range from reading an article about something you have never heard of to getting out the power tools and creating something you have never attempted before. Whatever you do, get creative!

  • Day 20- Heal Past Life Wounds- We all have them so this isn’t as hard as it sounds. There are things about each of us that we can’t exactly explain but they cause us problems in this life. Take a look at something about yourself and try to resolve it. Start with a meditation and just ask about it and the answer will be provided, remember to be specific when asking your Guides and Angels for help. Then give yourself a healing or ask a friend to heal you and mentally let it go. You can even have some sort of ceremony if you like. This is great for unexplained phobias or mystery aches & pains.

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Only 24 hours left to sign up for our New Year’s Special on this program: Now only $299.00

Download your FREE Printable Planner Below