We Are Now Offering Certification!

Why Get Certified?

It’s not legally required to be Certified to work as a Psychic Medium or a Spiritual Life Coach but participating in proper training and receiving a Certification can be very helpful for those who work in the Spiritual/Psychic Services Industry.

Not everyone will even need to become Certified but if you are working as a Professional Psychic or Spiritual Life Coach, you might want to consider it.

The world is Awakening and every single day people are starting new jobs as Psychic Mediums or becoming an Independent Reader or Coach and the competition is constantly growing because there are so many talented people with real abilities out there and they want to work and make that money.

Having a Certification and Endorsement from a Reputable company can give the Professional Worker a big advantage.

  • Higher Pay Scale

  • More Credibility & Respect

  • Proper Training and Skills

  • Promotion, Connections & Endorsement

  • Professional Status & Affiliation

Easy Basic Certification

All you need to do is book an appointment with us and we will test your work and if you pass our Testing Session we will issue your Certification On The Spot and you will be Certified & Endorsed Immediately

After you complete the program your Certification and other accessories will be waiting for you to use. You will get the following included with your Program.

  • A Badge of Excellence for your website

  • A Printable ID Card showing your status as a Certified Professional Medium

  • A Professional Endorsement for your website or reference portfolio

You can get Certified as soon as Today

We have made this program affordable to anyone who wants to become Certified. Our Complete Program including Printable Worksheets, Video Instruction, Certificate, Badge, Printable Credentials, and Endorsement are all included in the Package for one fee.

That’s a small price to pay for the value of what you get. This small investment in your career could potentially help you earn thousands more each year.

As a Spiritual Services Worker you need to stay on top of the competition. We support all Psychic Mediums, whether they work in the Industry or not, and we want to do our part to help.

TRF was Founded by a Former Psychic Medium and all of our Team Members are all Current or Former Psychics so we have a combined 68 years experience in Professional Psychic Mediumship work.

You MUST pass the Certification Test to receive your Certificate, If you fail we cannot Certify you. We only endorse REAL Mediums.

Keep an eye out for other upcoming Workshops and Certification Programs.

TPF- We support the professional and practicing psychic medium.

Founded in Southern Ohio in 2015. We offer Local and Online Services. Our Certifications are issued as a Training Program Endorsement from our Home Office inside TPF’s Church Building. We also have a Spiritual Supply Shop and can offer Bulk Rates on most items.

TPF Spiritual Services

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