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Want to become a Certified Psychic Medium/Intuitive Reader?

If you are working as a Professional Medium, Tarot Reader, or Intuitive, have you considered becoming Certified?

As a Certified Professional you automatically have an advantage when it comes to your business or job. Being Certified is not required by many Hotline Companies and is not required at all for Independent Readers but it can often mean a higher pay scale and give your Clients much more faith in your abilities because Clients are more reassured to see that you have been proven to be talented and have real abilities.

You can become Certified in as little as a day.

If you are interested in becoming Certified you can schedule an appointment with us for a phone interview and if you pass your test we will issue your Certification Immediately

It’s easy to get Certified! All you have to do is have real abilities and take a short test.

You can purchase your test and schedule your appointment with us and at your appointment we will go over your answers and you give us a sample Reading. That’s it!

Is this a real certification?

Yes it is. We are not just an Internet Brand, we are a Real Company located in Southern Ohio and we have the ability to authorize Certifications through our company to genuine Professionals with real talent and abilities.

You get a LIFETIME Certification that comes with several benefits.



Letter of Recommendation

Website Badge

Reference Letter

Ready To Get Started?

Schedule an appointment to take the test today!

You can schedule your appointment below and we will send you a Study Guide & Test Packet.

The price of the Learning Materials, your Appointment to take the test with one of our staff Members, your Certification, ID Card, Website Badge, and your Recommendation & Review is only a $79.99 investment.

You can even pay 1/2 down now and the rest before you take your test.

Ask us about our Advertisement & Affiliation Program at your appointment!


Average Pay Scale Comparison

Based on Percentages of Total Reading cost for Hotlines- Service Value Scale Independent Readers. Average Hotline Worker receives 30=40% of fee while average Independent fee is $15-$25 per Reading for beginners VS $100--$150 per Reading Independent.