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TPF Has some new stuff going on in January.

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I am taking a break from Coaching and pretty much working online in general while I deal with some stuff at home but in the meantime, I will be posting on the Blog and processing orders from my Online Shops.

It’s cheaper to just list items here on the website and on Ebay, so be sure to check out what I have in stock when you get the chance.

I used to be a PowerSeller on Ebay many years ago and while I don’t have a lot of Feedback on this account, well.. you have to start somewhere when you start over, right?

A lot of Bloggers set up donation options but that’s just not me, if you donate I would like to see you get something in return!

So if you would like to support what I do, well.. just remember to check what I have listed when you are in the mood to shop lol..



Just a quick note:

TPF is still up and running! I am just taking a much needed break until further notice so my ONLINE services are on hold for now. TPF is still very much open locally.

The Certification Programs will still begin at the end of January!

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Upcoming Programs

The Negativity Elimination Program for January is now closed and full.

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Psychic Certification Program

There are many new Psychics worldwide and more are manifesting with each passing day. People who work in the industry as Real Genuine Psychics are gaining more competition all the time and work isn’t as easy to find. Plus let’s face it, we compete with “fakes” every single day and as a Psychic we rely on our reputation and credibility.

TPF Spiritual Services is a Local Spiritual Services Business located in a real Church in Southern Ohio and was Founded by Michelle M. Fisher. She is an Ordained Minister and a Dr. of Metaphysics, as well as a Life Coach, Spiritual Program Instructor, and Author. Michelle offers personal coaching and instructional programs to Spiritually Awakening people locally and worldwide.

TPF Now offers PSYCHIC CERTIFICATION PROGRAMS to qualified Psychic Mediums who complete the Program and the interview-testing at the end. We only Certify & Endorse honest Psychic Mediums. We do not certify everyone who attends a program, they must pass the program and the test.

Those who pass the Certification Programs will receive

  • Our letter of Endorsement to show your Clients or Employers

  • Our Badge of Trust for your website

  • An Official Certification (You may purchase a beautiful paper copy for an additional fee)

  • A permanent place on our Wall of Recommended Mediums or possible mentions on YouTube, our Podcast, Social Media or other forms of advertisement.

This program will restart with brand new materials and lessons on January 28th 2019. For more information please check back or sign up for the Newsletter. You can also add us on your Social Media accounts.